Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Let's Get This Mother Started.

I wasn't quite ready to begin this stuff again just yet. I mean, we're about to enter the teaser portion of the season and the days just seem to get longer and the wait begins to make my head hurt. Then Canepa goes and writes another Donnie Edwards article. Go ahead, check it out here. But if you're busy, let me hook you up with the jist of this jism.

First off, I have to give some rare credit to Canepa for refusing the urge to jam his head far up A.J.s hiney, and instead question the lack of resolution in the Donnie Edwards situation. He doesn't exactly drop the hammer on the old bastard, but he does slyly include such ridiculous banter from Smith as:

“Just shut up and don't work the back door with your media friends.” (Note: Canepa, who I believe is in the media, receives so many Smith quotes regarding contract issues with players, the mere thought of this statement escaping from his giant head makes my relatively tiny head spin all over the place)

“He's not going to be cut, obviously,” Smith says. “He's on the market. What's happening, I have no idea. It only goes down when I say it goes down. I'm driving the boat here.
“Teams have shown little or no interest at this time. On Oct. 17, it all stops, and he's a member of the Chargers. He's on our football team. I like Donnie, and I like his contract. Donnie has a problem with his contract and has had a problem with his contract for three consecutive years. I'm tired of this. We're trying to accommodate him.”

"I'm driving the boat here."?! You've got to be kidding me Smitty! What kind of a hard ass do you imagine yourself to be. I wish Donnie would corner you in an alley. Hell, even Schotty. I don't hang with a lot of big time corporate CEO types or anything, but I hate to imagine they all run around with the hubris of a seventh grade bully letting their overinflated bank accounts superinflate their gargantuan egos. Ask around, this town likes Donnie Edwards. We want him here. And when Bif Tannen over there takes a shot at Donnie, it's a shot at us. You've made some good moves, but we remember some of the mistakes too.

And how exactly has this Jack Ass tried to accomodate Edwards over the last three years? By telling him to:

“Just shut up and play; that's your job,”

This kind of thing does not create a happy clubhouse. I already blame you, Mr. Smith for the team's slow start last year that snowballed into a catastrophe. If you make it happen again this year, I might consider driving up to L.A., when you get your new office there, and showing you how I really feel. I'm sure I can catch a ride with somebody. Congratulations on finally getting your first round pick into camp on time, though. I'll give you credit for that, you douche. Go Bolts!!!


Diego Jimbone said...

I read that article the other day too. I was surprised at the smack talk that Smith was running. We Bolts fans DO like Donny Edwards. To quote one friend, "Donny Edwards, the future Mayor of San Diego." Ok, I dunno about that, but yes he is a good player still, and a leader. I'm not sure why A.J. is firing off those salvos at him, as it may hurt his ability to lead as effectively. I personally still kind of trust Smith's decisions, but I don't see why he's saying that stuff on this issue. At least hopefully they iron all that stuff out QUICKLY and be ready to play some football!!

And yes, congrats on getting all the guys to camp on time! That's a nice switch. I saw some clips of Cromartie the other day- wow, he looks... what's the word... Ahtletic. Can't wait to hear how he does this weekend.

Hopefully some of you guys get on down there and let me know how the boys look. Yeah footy's almost here! I can feel it.

Maximum Colossus said...

Hell yeah, we'll fill you in. Cromartie does look impressive on tape. Can't wait to see him in person. Oh, and welcome aboard!